January 28, 2017
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Serge Jurasunas N.D. M.D (hom) M.D.(AM)

Specialities and interest.

Iridology, Live blood Analysis, nutrition, Integrative Oncology, Molecular markers,immunology, Naturopathic Medicine


Naturopathic Doctor (Canada 1969)
Homoeopathic Doctor (South Africa 1973)
Diploma of doctor in Indegenous medicine (Shri Lanka 1987)

Spend 10 years in North America where he also get acquinted and learne about the natural methods of healing from the great pioneer like Dr.Bernard Jensen that he met in 1963 in Los Angeles.

Back to Europe he travel to Germany to learne more about iridology and specialy about Biological medicine and the theory of cellular respiration of Otto Warburg and Paul Seeger associate with cancer.


IN 1971 Serge Jurasunas move to Portugal where he open his first clinic and over the years gain a international reputation. He start to developed new methods to treate cancer and travel to study and to lecture up to now in 3 continents and became a internationaly recognize specialist in Integrative Oncology.

More Education.

Serge Jurasunas keep study most of the area associate with health and the various theories on disease, about nutrition and registered as naturopathic Physician and Homoepathic Physician in USA for professional need.


Serge Jurasunas is member of various professional Associations and Academy of Science and Medicine.

He was elected member of the NewYork Academy of Science, the American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine.theAmerican Naturopathic Medical Association, the German-american Academy of Medicine, Patron of the International Guild of Practionners of Natural Therapeutic.

Contribution and development.

Over the past 50 years, Serge Jurasunas has greatly contribute to the development of alternative medicine in the world, developed some innovative theories and treatments published in various languages, through seminars and congress that he organize in various contries and was the Chairman of the International Association for Research in Metabolic Disease and Cancer set up with a group of international medical doctors and researchers. The first Congress on the Whole Wiew on Cancer was organize in Athena in 1987..


For all the work done in the past he receive several decorations and Award.

Laureeat of the Van De Arbeid Decoration (set up by the late King of Begium Albert I and under the Auspice of the Keen Juliana of Neederland)

International Prize of the Pax Mundi Academy (Dag Hammarskjold Award) in the field of medical research.

Gold medal of the International Academy of Lutece. (Paris)

The Silver medal of Research and Invention (Paris )

the Grand Academic gold collar of the Accademia Internatiozale Di Pontzen of Sciences, Art and Letter in the field of medical research (Italy)
The Prize Esculape Di Oro from the Accademia Internazional Di Pontzen (Italy).

Scientific Activities.

54 presented papers at national and international congress including on complementary Oncology. Invited by the Universtiy of Vilnus, faculty of medicine to present a paper on alternative and complementary oncology.(receive a certificat of University lecturer)

28 publications in specialize magazines of Alternative medicine which many reprinted in several languages including Japanese, Chinese, Lithanian, German, Rouman, French.

Author of books

Author of 7 books in French, Portugese, English, other booklets.

Related publications

Case reports of cancer patients
Integrative cancer
Live Yeast cells and canceer.
Cellular respiration in cancer
Chorella and detoxification
Biorejan. (stem cells)

Recent publications

The P53 Tumor suppressor gene. Understanding P53-based Anticancer therapies utilizing Dietary Agents. Townsend Letter. 63-73. August-Sept 2015

New publication to come by August 2017.
The Molecular basis of prostate cancer, Targeting therapy

A cancer story. Townsend Letter. April 2017

Professional life.
Former Professor at Capital University of Integrative Medicine in Washington. (USA)

Professor of Naturopathic Oncology at Pan American University of Sciences and Natural Medicine (USA-Nevis) member of the Board directors.


Serge Jurasunas is working now to develop a course in Immuno-nutrition base on the study of Natural Killer Cells associate with various Biological Response Modifier associate in the treatment of cancer.