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Serge Jurasunas who immigrate to North America back in 1958 is formally trained and graduated as Naturopathic physician and doctor of Homeopathic medicine.


He studies at the Institute des Naturopaths du Quebec (Montreal, Canada) and registered in June 1969 at the College des Naturopaths du Quebec as “certified naturopathy physician”.


He also trained in homeopathic medicine and graduated as “Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine (Hom.) in 1975 at the Homeopathic Medical College of South Africa.


In 1983 he traveled to Sri Lanka where he meet the Health Minister and the Minister of traditional medicine and work in Colombo’s hospital where he treated chronic ill patients and learned about herbal medicine. In 1985 he received a diploma of Doctor of Traditional Medicine” by the Minister of traditional medicine.


The interest of Serge Jurasunas for natural medicine and nutrition began when first he meets the great Dr. Bernard Jensen while he was resident in California. He began his professional carrier under the influence and guidance of Dr. Bernard Jensen working with him at Hidden Valley Health Ranch where he get acquainted with nutrition, detoxification, juice diets, orthomolecular medicine, philosophy of nature, spirituality etc.


Not only Serge Jurasunas become a brilliant doctor but he follow Dr. Bernard Jensen guidance and today he is one of the rare doctors that can speak and teach medicine, science, philosophy, spirituality which represent human kind in the totality.


Earlier in his practice he became interested by treating the disease of cancer and starts to investigate all the possible methods and treatments about cancer. He was one of the first doctors that in 1978 learned about oxidative stress and free radical pathology. He starts to develop and use several blood analyses that could monitor oxidative stress relationated to chronic and degenerative disease.


In 1988 elected chairmanof the International Institute for Research in Metabolic disease and cancer he set up the 1st International Symposium on the entire view of cancer in Athena, Greece with the participation of 15 countries.


At the same time he start investigating about antioxidants and become involved in the research about the enzyme SOD which today after 30 years is well documented.


After 40 years of practice he became an international well known doctor and a specialist of reputation in the treatment of cancer. He delivered lectures in over 40 countries and published over 100 scientific papers for which many are translated in 11 languages. He is also the author of 6 books including the last publication about antioxidants and cancer.


Back in 1978 he founded the clinic Holiterapias that welcome patients from many countries and where patients are treated with the exclusive methods of Serge Jurasunas.


The clinic use the most up-to-date treatment and alternative diagnosis and more recently molecular markers to detect earlier cancer,  prevent disease recurrence or as prognosis during chemotherapy. Serge Jurasunas developes his own methods to treat cancer which today is use by many doctors around the World and many articles and cancer clinical cases treated at Holiterapias are published since 1998 in Townsend Letter Magazine (USA).


He also lectured at several Universities such as the Geneva University about naturopathic medicine, the Institute Superior du Medicina Olistica e di Ecologia, University of Urbino, Italy and the University of Vilnius – Faculty of medicine where he was invited to speak about the Integrative Methods to treat cancer and received a Certificate of University lecturer. And spoke in an audience of 300 doctors, oncologists and biologists. In 2004 Serge Jurasunas is appointed University professor at the Capital University of Integrative Medicine in Washington, USA.



Serge Jurasunas received many distinctions and Awards.


– The silver medal for Research and Invention (French Academy)


– The Gold Medal from the International Academy of Lutece – Paris – France


– The French Civic Star


– Laureate and Dean of the prestigious Nederland Laureate Van de Arbeid


– The Dag Hammarkjoeld Awards in medical Research from the International Academy of Peace PAX Mundi (Brussels)


– The Grand Gold Collar from Internazional Accademia Di Pontzen – Italy


– Aesculape Award of Medicine from the Internazional Accademia Di Pontzen


– Knight Commander of the Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem – Knight of Malta – The Hereditary Order – World Seat – Malta.


Over the years he became Knight Commander, Grand Cross, and Bailiff Ambassador.


– Commander of the Sovereign and Military Order of St. Brigitte of Sweden.


– Commander of the Order of the Rose and Cruz of Jerusalem.


– In 2006 Serge Jurasunas was elected as Grand Hospitaller International of the Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem.


– In 2007 Serge Jurasunas was elected by the senate of the Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem as the 76th Grand Master of the Order. H.M.E. – H. Prof Serge Jurasunas.




Serge Jurasunas fields of interest






Peripheral blood assessment




Cancer research


Alternative approach to cancer


Oxidative stress


Molecular markers